Vision. Possibility. Confidence.

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You are an a blogger, a writer, an artist.
You have a passionate, creative soul.
You have the overwhelming urge to write and to inspire others.
You can practically taste the potential you have to be great.

You’ve thought about writing a book to share your story with the world, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and lost.

You don’t know how to manage your daily life and pursue your dream. You’re stuck, you feel like you’re losing your voice, and your creativity is trapped.


I’m here to guide you through the next step toward living out your calling as a creative: writing and editing a book.

I’m Ashley Brooks. I’m a spunky writing coach and editor with the know-how to navigate the rough terrain of writing. I work with anyone with a story to tell to help you create the book you were made to write.

I love working with passionate, artistic people. I want to do what I can to make your creative dreams a reality.


Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book but . . .
You’re not sure what to write about
You don’t have enough time
You have trouble balancing writing and family
You don’t know where to start

These are common challenges, but your story is unique, and I want to help you share it. I’ll help you unlock your creativity between driving carpool and mopping up spilled milk, and we’ll create a writing schedule that works around naptime. If you’re passionate about your ideas, I can promise to see you through the tough spots. I’ll encourage you every step of the way. At the end of it all, you’ll walk away with a finished book.