Heidi Hogg, Production Editor at Lerner Publishing Group

“When it became clear we [Redleaf Press] needed some temporary help to get our publishing schedule back on track, Ashley was my first choice of candidates. Why? She’s smart and takes direction well, but she also has the ability to recognize when to use her best judgment and when to get a second opinion. She also clearly understands that when copyediting and proofreading, readability is what’s most important—not strict adherence to a style guide.”

Brenda Brophy, author of Lattes, Layoffs and Love

“I cannot say enough positive things about working with Ashley Brooks. As a writing coach, she provided feedback that was insightful, detailed, and easy to understand. Her editing skills are meticulous. Her commitment to timely response and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. She helped me improve my writing skills, and I look forward to working with her again.”

Toni Halleen, fiction writer, award-winning playwright and composer, and lawyer

“I have worked with Ashley on several short stories, both for developmental editing and copy editing. Ashley has been tremendously helpful in developing my fiction. She reads my drafts carefully and with great insight. She gives productive feedback on pacing, consistency, character development, and plot. She asks great questions that help me improve the story, and she tailors her approach based on my writing voice and the tone of my work. Ashley’s copy editing is excellent. In fact, when my story was published, the magazine’s copy editor didn’t have any work to do. It was perfect! I recommend Ashley to all my writing friends.”