You have now entered the world God has created for me. You may say, “So what’s so great about your world?” Well, I’ll give you five reasons:

First and foremost,

I have a REAL relationship with God through Yeshua (means ‘God is salvation’ in Hebrew and is the same as Jesus Christ of the New Testament Bible) that yields far greater benefits than anything this world or I have been able to come up with in my thirty something years of living on earth. Some say education will do it for you. Guess what? I have three degrees and working on my fourth, and it doesn’t compare. Some say wealth will do it. Guess what? I’ve been blessed with wealth, and it doesn’t compare. Some say love will do it. Guess what? I’ve experienced love, but no love has or will ever compare to God’s love. And that’s REAL!!!


I have the blessing of living in God’s perfect will for my life everyday – I know what God created me to do and I’m doing it!!! Some people live their whole life and never know what they’ve been put on this earth to do. I have been blessed to know my purpose in life and pursue it with everything I am at a young age. I can tell you, next to having a relationship with God, there is no greater fulfillment you will ever experience in life. And that’s REAL!!!


I am free!!! I’m not perfect and I love it!!! God sent Yeshua to die and be resurrected to life, so I can be free to be me without eternal separation from Him. How, you say? The blood of Yeshua Hamaschiach was shed so that I, and everyone in this world (you included), can have eternal life. This means you and I can live our lives not feeling like we have to adhere to some long list of religious rules, but through faith in- and a continually committed relationship with- God through Yeshua, He will transform our lives from the inside out and support us through the process. Now that’s LOVE!!! (John 3:16)


I really do live a blessed life!!! It may sound cliché, but I really am living my dream. I’m whole, productive, and enjoying my life to the fullest!!! And my willingness to partner with God over the years has been instrumental in me getting here. The truth is that God wants to partner with all of us (you included) so we can live the life He designed us to live. If you want wholeness in every area of your life, good health, to live in your purpose, financial stability, peace of mind, etc., partnering with God is the key. And that’s the TRUTH!!!


I have complete and total peace. You may ask why having peace is so important. I’m glad you asked. Every human being on earth, whether they want to admit it or not, seeks peace. I know this because God made us all this way. There is a hidden place within each of us that is reserved only for God, and that only He can fill. Many seek to fill it with drugs, alcohol, sex, fame, the affection and approval of others, what some call success, etc. The truth is that nothing or no one will ever give you the peace that God can. And there’s NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!!!

Okay, okay, okay, I’m going to stop here because I feel my preaching anointing coming on!!!

The purpose of this website is to inspire the world (you) to excel in life through a continually committed relationship with God through Yeshua. In essence, YOU are the inspiration for this website. Your life is important to God and He sent me to assist you through your journey with words inspired by His love and thoughts for you.

Message Oath:

I vow to only write the words God gives me and not my own. My commitment to you is to keep the content of this website in 100% alignment to 1 Corinthians 2:4-5, “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men (Makeesha), but in the power of God.” I pledge to:

  1. Always seek God’s direction through prayer before I write and post supplemental resources
  2. Always be real
  3. Always be as transparent as God leads me to be

I pray this website impacts your life in a positive and significant way. Much love <3.

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