Who We Are

We are husband (Critty) and wife (Jessica) wedding and elopement photographers based in South Carolina. We have a little home with big ideas, three pets, love traveling, and really anything we do together. We love taking walks in our cozy neighborhood, spending time with our families, coming up with a cooking list for the week, sitting in our back yard dreaming of what we’ll do next, finding new projects for our house, laughing until our bellies hurt and hopping in our car to drive to no where in particular.

We love life together.

“we take photos as a
return ticket to a moment
otherwise gone.”

– Jessica –

Jess is constantly coming up with new ideas, finding things to build or create, and dragging Critty out of bed when all of her ideas bombard her as he’s going to sleep. (I can’t help when inspiration hits!) She’s the glue that holds their chaos together.

– Critty –

Critty is actually short for Christopher, and he’s a jack of all trades. Whether you talk sports, history, documentaries, working on next years vegetable garden, or making Jessica chocolate chip pancakes on breakfast night, he loves variety in all facets of life.

Weddings are about the people and their stories together. It is why we do what we do. It is important to us you have all of your memories of one of the most important days of your life documented in the most natural and authentic way possible. We want you to be able to focus on enjoying your day with your family, friends, and ultimately each other. In addition, we love making connections with couples, learning who you are, and telling your wedding story though photos. Nothing could be more rewarding than to give you the photos to take you back to your memories. Those real, unique, authentic moments that make up your life and tell your stories for generations. That’s what we’re all about – love, stories, and adventures.

Specifically, your story and adventure.